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Solutions for good and smart decisions

Welcome. We are INSIGHTERS FOR DECISION and we transform how to obtain reliable forecasts for your turnover, your costs, your movements of stocks, ... and your margins. Our secure AI-based solutions enhance the analytics capabilities for your decision making. We offer you the opportunity to meet with hundreds of organizations in a community of users with similar prediction challenges. Our solutions instantly deliver value and are implemented within minutes.

We make it possible for non-experts to learn quickly.

Available in SaaS, two solutions will be available in the coming months.

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A Startup in SaaS where artificial intelligence is at the service of decision-making on forecasting in your company.

INSIGHTERS FOR DECISION is a leading technology and service provider, offering solutions designed for businesses of all sizes and organizations of different stages of their evolution.

Founded by three friends who have been collaborating for more than 15 years in the supply chain, we want to offer intelligent and innovative services in Demand Management for an acceptable price far from the pharaonic investments required today by the software editors of the market today.


We have built our solutions based on our business experiences with dozens of organizations around the world. We know the issues of forecasting and want to help you meet the challenges of your organizations to increase your market share through promotions, new products, effective price levels, and conquering new markets while reducing wasting of stock due to obsolescence. We know how to analyze this information and give you a better visibility on the evolution of your markets. Why not join us ?

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Light. Fast. Powerful.

At INSIGHTERS FOR DECISION, our SaaS technology solutions help businesses and organizations succeed. From Q4 2018, we are working on our Pioneers business program to develop the most effective solutions.

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« Free the resources of your company that serve the right decisions »

Loïc, CEO Co-Founder (Paris, France)



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